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Insight About Our Brand

Kat Matters Beads came to vision from a very Dear Friend and Gods graces as a coping skill while battling mental health and life issues. HE blessed me to use my hands, creative thinking and innovative designing skill. To string placement of colored glass beads upon each strand in many different creative ways. Allowing so every woman that desires to shine in her OWN beautiful different self can have a piece of my joy and blessings linking us together with a waist bead.

Kat Matters Beads are traditional body jewelry. Worn regularly they become an extension of yourself. Waist beads are worn by females of all ages and women of her OWN beautiful size. Typically worn against the skin, underneath clothing, on top of clothing as modern-day fashion in her Torso Area (placement is based on at her personal preference).  Many have them created for personal wear however Kat Matters Beads can also be given as gifts for initiations, rites of passage, to women about to marry, to pregnant women for protection and health, and to young girls to welcome them in the early stages of womanhood.  Kat Matters Beads are a great way to celebrate your femininity, milestones, enhance personal transformation, affirm creativity and sexuality.Kat Matters Beads are meant for the woman who are particular about building up their self-love, own your past, stand in your truths, standing solid and whole with all God places in your life (good/bad/ugly/disappointing). Knowing that your journey was custom made created which is your LIFE and DESTINY to LIVE.