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What do "Waist Beads" Symbolize?

Most importantly wearing waistbeads is a PERSONAL choice however here's a few key points that we found: 

Waist Beads are significance in African cultural life and contribution to High Fashion style worldwide today.

The Yorubas in Nigeria and Egyptians of Egypt were the first to introduce this type of adornment to the world.

The usage of waist beads were to represent a woman's wealth when worn, affluence and spiritual aspects of day to day life in Africa.

Waist beads are worn to evoke erotic appeal from the opposite sex.

In Islamic culture they are most commonly worn under the clothes.

For a woman to wear waist beads it accentuates her feminism and beauty.

In other parts of Africa and the Diaspora these beads are worn for personal pleasure, to protect the wearer against evil spirits and to facilitate spiritual healing.

Uses to help a woman track inches in her weight loss journey.

Waist beads are ancient traditional body jewelry and practice of adornment. Worn regularly they become an extension of yourself.

Waist beads are worn by females of all ages from children to grandmothers and by any women of her own beautiful size.

Waist Beads are an ancient adornment practice that is a great way to celebrate your femininity, milestones, and enhance personal transformation, and affirm creativity and sexuality.

Enjoy wearing these every day. Just put them on and enjoy their simplicity!