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Sage Kit

Sage Kit

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Smuding Kit includes:

White Sage Bundle/Palo Santo Wood/Feather

Torch Lighter and Abalone Shell inside a

Burlap/Mesh Travel Sack that's Reusable


White sage cleanse all energy negative and positive.

 Palo wood is an enchant tool used to promote luck and positivity in your space!

These two combined will give you the tools you need to cleanse your home and bring in positive vibes! 

Perfect for traveling or gifts for those starting their spiritual journey! 



Light one end of your sage stick as it starts to smoke walk around you space fanning the smoke around your space and say your prayer for protection out loud. Smudge sage on the abalone shell provided or your heat safe bowl. Make sure the stick completely out and no longer burnerOpen the door or window allowing the negativity energy to leave your space.After sage grab your Palo stick and burn the end of the wood, allow it to smoke, and move around your home and welcome luck, prosperity, and positivity!  Place on abalone shell provided or heat safe bowl and the smoke will naturally subside.