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Cedar Smudge Stick

Cedar Smudge Stick

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Includes: (1) 4" Cedar smoke cleansing wand

Promotes: Prosperity, Protection and Harmony


  • When lighting any smoke cleansing wand, hold it at an angle with the end you’re lighting it at pointed down. Let it catch flame and burn for only a few seconds (never let it just stay lit with a flame) then blow it out. Be careful not to blow any embers on any furniture or carpet, etc. 
  • Be sure to burn your smoke cleansing wand in or on a fireproof dish or bowl 
  • Never leave burning items within reach of pets or small children
  • Smoke cleansing of any sort can produce a decent amount of smoke in a room and should never be used in anyone's presence that has asthma or upper respiratory conditions.
  • Once You’re done cleansing your space be sure not to leave the smoldering item(s) unattended until it has gone out completely. If you'd like to put your wand out faster you can snuff it out in some salt or sand in your fireproof dish